Before we determine that your activity is paranormal, we consider all natural or man-made causes and will try to recreate and debunk all reported claims.  We do extensive research into existing claims and gather as much information as possible prior to entering the site.  Only after all reasonable possibilities are ruled out, we deem the activity to be unexplained and possibly paranormal.

Our Methods

About Michigan Spirit Quest

Our primary goal is to help ease a client's concern of their experiences.  We research the property's background, gather information during the investigation, review any evidence we've captured and provide the client with a written report of our findings.

If you know of a haunted site that you would like to suggest, please contact us.

Our objectives

Michigan Spirit Quest is an investigation team based in Southeastern Michigan.  We strive to help those who live with fear and have claims of paranormal activity.  We use proven technology and old school methods to evaluate our client's claims of paranormal activity.